• Our delicious Christmas Trimming Pack includes; 10x pigs in blankets 10x pork chipolatas 300g streaky bacon 150g stuffing’s mix 454g sausage meat 1 jar cranberry sauce 1 jar goose fat
  • These free range ducks are feed a natural diet creating fat marbling throughout the meat and producing a concentrating flavour for you to enjoy. £8.90 per kg (£4.04 per lb)
  • Outdoor reared at Caldecott Farm, they are guaranteed the highest levels of animal welfare and are given no routine drugs or growth promoters. £9.25 per kg (£4.20 per lb)
  • (plus Pork Sausage meat and Sage & Onion stuffing) Boneless turkey, goose and duck stuffed with pork sausage meat and sage and onion stuffing. Also comes with a free roasting tray. Weight: 3.5 - 4kg
  • Reared in spacious straw bedded barns with natural ventilation and light flooding in, they particularly enjoy jumping on straw bales. Breast meat only no bones. £12.99 per kg (£5.89 per lb) Please see drop-down menu below to select size/price but for your information; Small weighs between 2 -3kg and serves 6-8 medium weighs 3-4kg and serves 8-12 large weighs 4-5kg and serves 12-16 ex large weighs 5-6kg and serves 16-20.
  • These free range geese are feed a natural diet creating fat marbling throughout the meat and producing a concentrating flavour for you to enjoy. £13.99 per kg (£6.35 per lb)
  • Fresh White Turkey Crown

    Whole turkey on the bone with the wings but legs are removed. Reared in spacious straw bedded barns with natural ventilation and light flooding in they particularly enjoy jumping on straw bales. £18.00 per kg (£8.16 per lb)
  • Whole turkey on the bone with the wings but legs are removed. Enjoying the fresh air of the Berkshire Downs, these turkeys enjoying running through the meadows and foraging through the grass. £19.00per kg (£8.62 per lb)
  • Christmas Hampers

    Christmas Hamper 1: Fresh or Frozen Contents inc: 5.0-6.0kg(12lb)   Turkey 1.36kg (3lb)   Boned and Rolled Loin of Pork 1.36kg (3lb)   Boneless Rolled Gammon 1.36kg (3lb)   Rolled Topside Joint 16   Chipolata Sausages 16   Rashers of Streaky Bacon 0.450kg (1lb)   Pork Sausage Meat Christmas Hamper 2: Fresh or Frozen Contents inc: 4.5-5.0kg(11lb) Boned & Rolled Turkey Breast 1.36kg (3lb) Boned and Rolled Loin of Pork 1.36kg (3lb) Boneless Rolled Gammon 1.36kg (3lb) Rolled Topside Joint 16 Chipolata Sausages 16 Rashers of Streaky Bacon 0.450kg (1lb) Pork Sausage Meat
  • Enjoying the fresh air of the Berkshire downs these turkeys enjoying running through the meadows and expelling their natural instinct by foraging through the grass. The Taste of Christmas £12.95 per kg (£5.87 per lb)
  • Reared in spacious straw bedded barns with natural ventilation and light flooding in they particularly enjoy jumping on straw bales. £11.95 per kg (£5.42 per lb)